Our stunning Ginny Litscher scarves featured in How to Spend It!



"A new and very limited-edition range, however, arriving on December 17 raises the collection’s design to a new level. Ginny Litscher is a Swiss-born, Central Saint Martins-trained designer and digital printer who worked with McQueen and Westwood before setting up her own design studio and website selling her scarves. Her slightly surreal, intricately drawn designs, featuring complex mixes of bright or subtle colours, have attracted both collectors and collaborators, including Liberty, for whom she does a regular collection. She is also an accomplished painter and usually starts her scarf designs with a large painting from which she extrapolates elements to interpret, on various scales, for the prints. She spent four months working on her St Pancras painting, inspired by the building’s exterior and its decorative details and executed in surprising materials like nail colour or eyeshadow “because they create that slightly dripping, decayed look that parts of the building still have outside – it adds to the mystery”. "


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